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Below is the progress of our charity campaign to support local projects related to ecology and human rights.

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Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Build on the momentum occasioned by the Millennium Development Goals to garner the multisectoral support needed to meet the reproductive and sexual health needs of our culturally diverse population – one characterized by its youthfulness, geographic dispersion, conjugality, and persisting gender inequalities.

Specific Objectives

  1. Create an environment supportive to safe motherhood and newborn health.
  2. Segment the design and delivery of all youth RH-related interventions and policies by gender, age cohort, marital status, and rural/urban residence.
  3. Ensure access to a core package of maternal and neonatal health services, especially in rural areas where health facilities are limited.
  4. Empower women, men, families, and communities to recognize pregnancy-related risks, and to take responsibility for developing and implementing appropriate responses to them.
  5. To help reduce the morbidity and mortality rate of infants and young children
  6. Support community initiatives to promote RH by encouraging rural communities to take responsibility to identify and implement innovative solutions and support networks for effective communication and transport to EmOC services.
  7. Develop and implement innovative informational campaigns to heighten community awareness
  8. Enlist religious and other leaders to promote RH at the community level
  9. Ensure the seamless integration of maternal health services from the community to facility level Increase human resource capacity through appropriate training

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