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Education and Capacity Building

As a result of the conflict, there has also been a debilitating effect on the Youth & women, especially in relation to their education & general social lives (respectively). Being THE integral part of implementing objectives above, there needs to be a special focus on rehabilitating & educating the Youth & Women. ARD Promotes sustainable action aimed at the progressive elimination of gender disparities in education and training as well as in management structure

  1. To provide formal education schools (Primary & Secondary) to reduce the illiteracy and develop skillful generation
  2. To provide youth with vocational training, employment opportunities and skills training to support the youth in maintaining good physical and mental health to prevent destructive social behavior.
  3. Provide adult education programs to teach business women basic reading/writing and other related skills so they can manage their business better.
  4. Advocate for the orphanage children and work for the rehabilitation of the incapacitated and disabled men, women and children in the region.
  5. Promote Peace, Reconciliation, and support conflict resolution.
  6. Facilitate the development of comprehensive, sustainable capacity building efforts that address infrastructure capacity needs, education and training, and building local institutional capacity.
  7. Relevance, ownership and sustainability are the key aspects to ensure success of capacity development activities in the medium and longer term.
  8. Training teachers and education managers on gender issues
  9. Building capacity of female teachers and managers
  10. Ensuring parity in access to quality education
  11. To stimulate collective and concerted efforts, at all levels, to eliminate gender disparities in education and training
  12. Take affirmative action to promote the education of girls and women in secondary and higher education in an appropriate manner

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