Sustainable Development

After going through a series of internal conflicts, the development agenda of the Regions (& Somalia as a whole) has been negatively affected. Sustainable development initiatives are therefore necessary preconditions for the society to thriving;

Specific Objectives:

  • To aid livelihoods in food security and poverty reduction.
  • To support communities analyze their contextual situation and to assist them identify strategies for achieving their sustainable well being.
  • To support communities to improve their insights, creativity, initiatives and support their participation in the full utilization of the available resources for their respective development activities - particularly in water, health and sanitation and environment.
  • Promote and aid agricultural production for both the postural and riverine areas of South Somalia.
  • Promote and aid Livestock/animal health for the targeted community
  • To empower the activities of women in the community and encourage them to participate and contribute the socio-economic developments.
  • To Support and strengthen community-led processes.


What we do!

As a result of the conflict, there has also been a debilitating effect on the Youth & women, especially in relation to their education & general social lives (respectively). Being THE integral part of implementing objectives above, there needs to be a special focus on rehabilitating & educating the Youth & Women.

The search for (& availability of) this precious commodity is – paradoxically so – one of the major sources of conflict (when scarce) & yet the most natural unifying resources (when equitably available). ARD lays special emphasis on the latter, since it will create a conducive environment for the above objectives to be implemented.

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Vision: To have strong, capable and self–dependent communities which are able to plan, implement and manage their live aspects and services in a sustainable manner.

Mission: To facilitate the communities for the sake of improving the quality of lives through provision of Sustainable education system, livelihood, water supply, health and sanitation services in a pleasant environment.

Core Values: Based on the founding values of unity, love, peace, justice and sustainable use of local resources.Unity and solidarity among all its members and communities it serves for, Building positive relationships, sharing information and promoting dialogue, Self-dependency and creativity among its stakeholders in fulfilling their development objectives and the facilitation of communities and other stakeholders into becoming agent of their own empowerment and development.